The Same Old Story

by When It Counts

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The debut EP from When It Counts, from Staten Island, New York. Recorded and mixed in Stained Glass Studios by Jeremy Comitas, with additional mixing done by Bill Purcell.


released February 16, 2013



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When It Counts Staten Island, New York

Pop punk from Staten Island, New York.

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Track Name: Moving Up
I moved up in the world and I won’t look down
Can’t confine me to this town
Pointless words and sleepless nights are the reasons I still fight
You think that life is easy, but being nice was your favorite lie
You took this all for granted, but at the end you didn’t try
To make it worth it and fix these problems
End this hope for a better tomorrow
So now I know who I can trust, and I’ll face the facts that I must move on
So I take a step back and look at my life, no regrets I’ve cut the ties
It’s getting better with every line

I feel like I’m on top of it all, it’s my time to get what I want
I won’t be held back anymore, the decisions are made
These memories will fade

I’ve realized that I never needed you
It was you who held me back from all the great things I can do
I could have made a difference, you should have stayed
But in the end you strayed away
And here I remain strong, even though everything was wrong

It’s my time
I’m on top of it all, I’ll get what I want, and I won’t look back
Track Name: Hey Lance
Moving on is the hardest part when you can't find the words to start with
There's too much on my mind to forget
I won't regret all the things we did
And it kills me to think that all of it will end
And I'd give anything for one more night here with my friends
So as much as it hurts to say goodbye
I know in my heart it's not the last time
I'll still see you, we'll keep in touch
Friends forever, and brothers at heart

So I thought we'd always be together
Now I know nothing lasts forever
Life goes on, but it's for the better
There's one thing, I'll always remember

'Cause I'll remember all those wasted nights
We always spent together, I wish they'd last forever
As you go down highways and cross state lines
Don't forget all those friends you left behind

Time won't defeat us, I'll always stand by your side
And no one cares much when I say I wish you weren't so far away
But separation's harder every day

I'd hate to see all of our dreams go astray
All I can say is I wish that you would stay

And I'll replay the good times over in my mind
While every one moves on with the next chapters of their lives
It's nothing new to the world, but it's the hardest thing for me
Track Name: Ignorance
I didn’t want it to come down to this
Why do you have to be so ignorant
There’s only so much I can stand and you’ve exceeded my limits
And it took less than a minute
There’s no point in starting a war
‘Cause to be honest you’re not worth it
Your fake friends will keep you here, but not for too long
You’ll never leave because you don’t deserve it

Do you really think you’ve accomplished something
‘Cause in my eyes you haven’t done anything
Nothing at all

You were never ever anything
All those words you said weren’t true to me
Track Name: Late To Your Own Bonfire
Take a look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Friends tell you to listen, but you ignore their plea
You’re so codependent, but you hate everyone you meet
Keep stewing in jealousy and your sense of defeat

Quit again, see if I care
I’m numb to this, it’s happened too many times

Spend years craving change,
And now you’re too scared to change anything at all
Lazy to a fault and bitter to a point of no return
Search your past to find someone to blame
But you know it’s you all along, you know it’s true

The names will change and faces fade, but people stay the same
But my problems stay the same

I’m sick of writing the same songs over again
I couldn’t bring myself to say this
One year later and nothing’s changed at all
Was there even a point at all
I swore that twelve months has brought me progress
Lately my life has been a mess

Keep bitchin’ to a crowd of zero, where’s your passion
What happened to your devotion, take charge, take action
‘Cause you need help, you’re just fine
You never decide for yourself
I couldn’t bring myself to say this
I’ve always hit the concrete face first
Time to pack up and start over

Nothing can define you
Start over, pick a side
Track Name: Take A Breath
Time to look back and think away, take the other lines out of play
Put all the words want to say, and make this made up memory stay
Turn these thoughts into reality and carve them into stone
Prevent the past from coming back just let it go
You’re a better man now let it be known
That was then and this is now, time has let you grow

You’d like to think you were too young to know
Even though it doesn’t seem so long ago
Something tells you that you’ve always known
You dug a pit too deep without a ladder or a rope

Wishing there was a way to block out the past
Take the memories you want and make sure the others don’t last

You used to think you were even with everybody else
Now you’re sinking to the bottom, can’t take a breath to yell for help
But who would even save you
You did this to yourself